COVID-19 UPDATE – APRIL 29, 2020
In light of the Governors remarks last week concerning the relaxing of restrictions amid COVID-19 and in consultation with the Gwinnett Metro Baptist Association and other area churches, the leadership at Luxomni met this past weekend to discuss our strategy and steps to returning to in-person worship and activities at Luxomni Baptist Church.
Over the next weeks and months you will see churches take the steps to return to in-person activities. We will not rush to be the first church open. Our number one priority is and will continue to be the health and safety of each and every person who steps foot through our doors. After looking at all the data, planning the process that will be in place and instituting all of the required safety measures, we have decided on a target date of June 7th as our in-person re-launch date. This will be a flexible date that can be moved forward or backward as needed based on what is happening in our community.
Our church family has been absolutely amazing during these difficult times. Caring for one another, communicating with one another and taking every opportunity to “come together”, in worship and fellowship. We have seen our live online worship attendance remain constant and relative in attendance to our in-person worship with many others tuning in throughout the week. Our small groups have had excellent participation and many of you have utilized online giving to remain faithful in your tithes while others have mailed their offerings each week to the church.
Below you will find some of the steps that we will be taking to lessen the risk within our buildings once we return. We completely understand that each person must decide for themselves when is the right time for them to return and we love and support you in that decision. But, know we are looking forward to seeing you very soon!
The Luxomni Leadership
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Returning to In-Person Services and Activities
  • June 7th is our target date for beginning our in-person worship services. We will also begin phasing in our small groups and other activities based on the size of the group and the ability for them to meet under strict guidelines.
  • Upon entry into the building and into the sanctuary all doors will be propped open to reduce the amount of times a person has to touch the door handles. Our welcome team will secure the doors once our service begins.
  • Once in the building we ask that you immediately make your way to your seat. On the conclusion of the service we will dismiss by rows. Please exit the building immediately upon dismissal.
  • Fellowship First will not return initially and will be modified once it resumes.
  • There will be masks available for anyone who would like to have/wear one.
  • Our buildings will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each use.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be place strategically throughout all of our buildings.
  • Sanctuary seating will be restricted to at least 6 feet between each person except those co-habitation families in worship together.
  • No hand held materials (bulletin, flyers, etc) will be distributed at this point. All announcements will be displayed on our video monitors and/or announced from the platform.
  • We will temporarily forego our normal hand shake and welcome time. By all means, smile, wave and let people know they are welcome from a safe distance.
  • We will have a modified version of our offering time. No final decision is made as of yet on what that will be.
  • Upon our initial return, there will be no nursery or children’s church due to the small rooms and inability to restrict movement of these younger ones.
  • If you feel sick, please stay home. We will continue to offer our services via livestream for those who are physically unable to be with us.
We would love to get your feedback on our plan. Please complete a short anonymous survey to let us know your thoughts. Click the link below.