COVID-19 UPDATE – JUNE 3, 2020
Over the next weeks and months you will see churches take the steps to return to in-person activities. We will not rush to be the first church open. Our number one priority is and will continue to be the health and safety of each and every person who steps foot through our doors. After looking at all the data, planning the process that will be in place and instituting all of the required safety measures, we have decided on a target date of June 14th as our in-person re-launch date. This will be a flexible date that can be moved forward or backward as needed based on what is happening in our community.
Our church family has been absolutely amazing during these difficult times. Caring for one another, communicating with one another and taking every opportunity to “come together”, in worship and fellowship. We have seen our live online worship attendance remain constant and relative in attendance to our in-person worship with many others tuning in throughout the week. Our small groups have had excellent participation and many of you have utilized online giving to remain faithful in your tithes while others have mailed their offerings each week to the church.
Below you will find some of the steps that we will be taking to lessen the risk within our buildings once we return. We completely understand that each person must decide for themselves when is the right time for them to return and we love and support you in that decision. But, know we are looking forward to seeing you very soon!
The Luxomni Leadership
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Returning to In-Person Services and Activities
  • June 14th is our target date for beginning our in-person worship services. We will also begin phasing in our small groups and other activities based on the size of the group and the ability for them to meet under strict guidelines.
  • Our building is being prepared for our return as we speak!  In addition to a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, a few other updates are in store for our return.  A whole new interior paint job is being done, all new flooring is being installed and many new fixtures and furniture are ready to be placed. I am so excited and can’t wait for you to see what’s being done!
  • There will be no nursery or children’s church initially.  Please be prepared to have these little ones with you during the service.  We don’t mind! We love having our little one’s in church with us. 
  • The front doors leading into the main building will be propped open to reduce the amount of physical contact in opening doors.  All other doors will be locked and entry not be permitted at this time.  
  • Our welcome team will meet you as you enter the building to take you temperature with a touchless infrared thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4o will be asked to attend the service remotely.
  • Upon entry into the building hand sanitizer stations and disposable masks will be available for your use.  Just ask a member of the welcome team for a mask if you would like one.
  • Please limit restroom use to one person at a time and remember a 20-second hand wash before exiting the restroom.  In addition to our two main restrooms, the restrooms in the nursery and office area will be available.
  • There will be no bulletins handed out as we return.  All announcements will be displayed on the monitors in the lobby/auditorium and will be announced from the platform.
  • The sacraments of Communion and Baptisms will not be observed initially.
  • Connect cards and Prayer Requests forms can be found at  Please assist those who may not have access to this online tool.  
  • We ask that you make your way to your seat immediately upon entering the building.  Please, no gathering in the lobby for now.  We know you will be excited to see each other, but let’s play it safe.
We would love to get your feedback on our plan. Please complete a short anonymous survey to let us know your thoughts. Click the link below.