Easter At Luxomni

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by our website. If you are searching for a good church this Easter, we know we are the place for you. We will have powerful worship, an inspiring message, and your kids will have a BLAST at our KIDS GLOW PARTY!  We would love to get to know you. We want to see lives changed here by the power of Jesus Christ, and we see that happen every week when someone steps through our doors. We look forward to meeting you this Easter! God

i Was thinking – Is It True

i Was thinking of a story credited to James Montgomery Boice that I heard Read more…

i Was thinking – Resolutions Revisited

i Was thinking that it’s time to look at all the resolutions we are determined to fulfill in 2017.  We all know those great promises we

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i Was thinking – 12 Days of Christmas

i Was thinking of one of the illustrations I used in this past Sunday’s message about the Wise men.  What if you wanted to

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i Was thinking – Christmas Revenge

i Was thinking of an unusual news report that came out of CBS, KDKA, Channel 3, on December 7, 2016 in Philadelphia,

i Was thinking – Fireflies Part 2

Last summer has past and autumn leaves have almost all fallen. Just look at my yard! Though I truly enjoy this season, to me

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i Was thinking – Knowing Your Enemy

i Was thinking about how to stand opposed to the enemy of our faith.  I have heard that to overcome an enemy you need to develop

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i Was thinking – Phones and Thanks

i Was thinking about what many are thankful for in this day and age.  It is Thanksgiving after all.  If asked what we are thankful for,

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i Was thinking – Counting

i Was thinking about our four-year-old grandson and suddenly an interesting thought popped into my head.  My wife and I

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i Was thinking – Cannibalism

i Was thinking about what happened this week in our nation. A nation divided on significant political issues chose one of two

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