3b2abf9e-3dd2-413b-a3f1-0eb90ccb83bc1“A Light Unto All”

The Luxomni community began in 1891 as a railroad flag station, about one mile east of Lilburn. The name came from two Latin words. “Lux” is the Latin word for light, and “omni” in Latin means all. The name Luxomni means “Light for all”. In the early days


Luxomni had a post office, a church, a Masonic lodge and several residents.


Luxomni Baptist Church was organized July 20,1895, with Rev. John E. Kennerly as its first pastor. The original name was “Baptist Church of Christ at Luxomni.” The Luxomni schoolhouse was the first meeting place, located where the new building now sits. The first church building was built in 1906, with a cost of land and building toping out at $900.00. Early members included Mannie Todd, Katy Garner, Joseph Garner, Mamy Collins, Ange Holt, R. N. Holt, Martha McNeal, J. M. McNeal, M. B. Haney, Leety Garner and R. P. Garner as charter members.  The church council included E. C. McDaniel, F. Cain, Rev. J. P. McConnell and Rev. W. T. Aikin, the last named acting as moderator, and E. C. McDaniel, clerk. The church still exists, but the original building has been replaced by a modern brick building.


Serving our Lord since 1895! What an incredible history that Luxomni has had. Spend a few minutes exploring the many photos, documents and minutes of our church and you will find that we are truly dedicated to fulfilling the mission that God has given us!
Historical records of Luxomni Baptist Church Membership
Check out some incredible history in photos dating back to 1884!