Our Church


We want you to know God’s love, to experience the forgiveness of sin, and to have an abundance of God’s joy and the peace that passes all understanding. All of that comes from trusting Jesus Christ as your Savior and making Him Lord of your life. A church that has that as its purpose is a place where you will be welcomed, and that is what Luxomni Baptist is all about. We are trying to provide anyone who comes into our fellowship with a place they can feel at home and can grow in their relationship with Christ.

Our staff and church members are eager to help you to become complete in Christ. We are all works in progress, and none of us are even close to being perfect. It is our purpose to help each other become more and more like Jesus every day.

You my friend are welcome here, regardless of what your heritage is, or whatever your culture has been. At Luxomni we are all about building God’s family. God’s family is made up of every race, tribe and nation. So if you fall into one of those categories, come get to know us. What you will find is the place you’ve been looking for, a place where despite your past and any mistakes you may have made, you will find a helping hand. If you really want to be set free and find where you fit in God’s family, come on over and visit.

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Our Core Values 


1. It’s All About Family

We believe what will truly attract people to Jesus is if we are a loving family of believers. Then Jesus says that people will know we are his disciples -John 13:35. In a family, no one is left out. Every person’s needs are cared for. -Acts 4:32-34. Family takes upon itself the responsibility to care for its members. This is a kind of love that is attractive and is often missing. At Luxomni, we spend time with each other, we have meals together, and have fun together, and serve God by caring for each other in so many ways.!

2. Our Mission!

As followers of Christ, we should all be light to those who don’t know Jesus and find themselves in darkness. In a lot of our church experiences, we’re used to inviting our friends to church so that the pastor can tell them about Jesus, but this isn’t the job of the pastor; it’s the mission of every follower of Christ (Matt. 28:19-20). When we come together on Sunday, it’s to pray for each other and to learn how to be more courageous. Then we go out with boldness to make a difference in our own mission fields! (Matt. 5:16, Phil. 1:27-30.) In many churches, we could just attend a church service and never have to do much else, but God has asked us to make disciples. For Jesus’ Church to grow, it depends upon new believers being added and then being trained not just to be Christ’s disciples, but to become disciplemakers as well.

3. Learning How to be Disciples of Jesus

Just as children are expected to grow up and become responsible adults, we strive to prepare our members to be able to stand on their own, making a difference in the world. – Heb. 5:11-14! Everyone is expected to contribute to the whole by using their gifts for the benefit of others. – 1 Cor. 12:7-31. The fundamentals that were vital to the early church (Acts 2:42) should be central to our church gatherings, and so we do these things.

PRAY – We believe the Creator of the Universe hears our prayers. – James 5:16 We pray for one another and watch God answer those prayers.

COMMUNION – We take the Lord’s Supper in a reverent and biblical manner and keep the cross as central. This proclaims the death of Jesus and the payment for our sins by His sacrifice to those observing. – 1 Cor. 11:23-29

BAPTISM – We believe that baptism is the outward symbol of the inward reality of what takes place when we trust Christ to be our savior. We show our being buried and resurrected with Jesus unto new life by being immersed in water and raised up out of it. Baptism is one of the first signs of obedience to Christ’s Lordship.

LEARNING – Regardless of where you are in your walk with Jesus, there is something for you to learn. From the littlest children to out senior adults, there is a class or activity for you. We have children’s church, and Sunday School classes and small group meetings throughout the week.

FELLOWSHIP – Family enjoys being together. We eat, play, worship, and sing. For instance, every second Saturday we have “Open Mic Night”, and our youth get together multiple times a week.

Our Service Schedule

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Sunday Services:

9:45 AM Small Groups for all ages
11:00 AM Sunday Worship Service
4:00 PM Luxomni Youth 

Tuesday Small Group – Celebrate Recovery:

7:00 PM 
Wednesday Small Groups:
7:00 PM